Welcome to the Starseed Sanctuary International Healing Hub

Melanie Aguirre welcomes you to a safe space to express yourself for healing and transformation. Please follow social media and this website for current and future events. Events can take place any place in the world. There will be education and information about healing retreats, events and more. If you have any questions for Melanie about the Starseed Sanctuary, please connect with Melanie Aguirre directly.

Email: OfficialStarseedSanctuary@gmail.com

Melanie offers a spectrum of services and also shares with you a new perspective of self-healing and gaining access to your higher self. Services are remote and in office by appointment only.

Melanie also shares with you her podcast! Quantum Healing Today was created in 2021 and new guests are coming! Please listen if you are open to new ways of natural self healing, individually and collectively. Learn more about Melanie in this website and learn about other healers that have much to offer.

Thank you for being here.

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