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Conversations with Anubis

Conscious Life Expo 2024

Los Angeles, California

February 09, 2024

2:00 P.M.


‘Conversations with Akhenaten’

The Quantum Disclosure Project Presents

Conversations with Akhenaten: Live in person and Zoom Live Stream

Date: August 26, 2023,

Time: 3:00 PM Pacific

Discover Ancient History with Conversations with Akhenaten. The presence of King Akhenaten has graced us with his knowledge, wisdom and education about our ancient past to share with us the lost secrets of the unknown. The time is now to come forward with your questions and to have the opportunity to speak directly with Akhenaten to ask your most valuable questions. Instantaneous healing is possible and this unique experience is guaranteed to leave you feeling awakened within.

You can catch a sneak peak of Conversations with Akhenaten on YouTube

Take a secret look into ‘Conversations with Akhenaten’ event at the Conscious Life Expo February 2023 in Los Angeles, California