Healing Hub

Welcome to the Starseed Sanctuary International Healing Hub.

You will find Teachers, Educators, Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Ambassadors, Guardians, Wayshowers, Shadow Workers, Shamans, Psychic Mediums, Channels and more. We have an important role during this time, and we are here to support the collective. We offer our support, education and guidance for anyone seeking truth on a higher level in a safe loving space. Feel free to connect with anyone here and discover a new way of being.

We are one.

Alan Steinfeld

NewRealities – YouTube

Susan Slaughter

Susan Noelle Slaughter (@susanthedragonwitch) | Instagram


Stephen Popiotek

(5) stephen popiotek – YouTube


Lauren Ainsborough

Coaching | Mind Matter Magic

Allison Pharmakis

Medium for the Message

Emily Harrison

Website: www.theakashicacademy.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theakashicacademy